Website Maintenance management Bhopal Keeping your website up to date and fresh regularly is a important and time consuming task. But it’s a very important aspect of for any business who has a website. Keeping your website visitors updated and engaged with live and relevant content is important, not just from Users perspective but also from search engines point of view.

Check out below important reasons why you need to keep your website updated:

–    Keeps your visitors engaged
–    Maintains your professional image
–    Good for search engines
–    Helps increase visitors
–    Adds value to your business

Once your website is up and running online, the following are essential:

a) Web site Maintenance.       b) Web site Management.

a) Web site Maintenance.

Your website should be online 24/7 without fail. If your website is scheduled for a major overhaul or web site redesign work, your customers should be informed of the Web site Maintenance schedule.

We conduct regular reviews to check for broken links, images, functionality check of databases, etc.

We provide reports of website maintenance for individual folders and web pages of your site.

b) Web site Management.

We provide Website Management services to several eCommerce & corporate websites.

Website Management includes the following:

Website traffic analysis. From your website traffic logs we analyze, visitor patterns.

Reporting: We provide reports of traffic analysis.

Consult & Suggest: From the reports of traffic analysis, we suggest, changes & modifications to improve user experience.

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