24 Oct

What are the advantages of bulk SMS for your business?

Bulk SMS is the most feasible and essential strategy to target the mass audience with a single click and you can join the many of people simultaneously and promote your business. By deploying a robust Transactional SMS system and invest in software or outsourcing SMS services in bulk, you can effectively boost your business.

Bulk SMS Services is a great marketing tool which has transformed the way of business for any kind of businesses. If your Message is short & appealing to targeted customers surely it will be read by your customers. Bulk SMS Software is a marketing tool which allows you to send thousands of messages in a single second. If you need to pass on urgent information to your customers or contacts, Bulk SMS is a better option is to send message that is sent directly to the mobile phones.

The Benefits/Advantage of Using SILVERY INFOTECH BULK SMS Services

Below are some of unique reasons why you have to choose SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Services

  • It is the Cheap Bulk SMS Service which we can purchase very easily. Hassle free order confirmation. Over few clicks you can make the payment followed by the account will be setup.
  • We can send the sms to 1000 of people by clicking the mouse once so there would not find any difficulties to send sms.
  • Bulk SMS delivers fast and promptly at anytime and anywhere to different telecommunication operator networks using the same charge rate without barrier of location.
  • It covers all the networks across all over the India.
  • Easy recharge for your sms credit and unlimited validity for your account.
  • It gives you to customize and personalise your message with the name of your company, organization or business name.
  • It will help us to improve the business by promoting messages.
  • Our Bulk SMS Platform gives you the ability to schedule a message to be delivered at a particular day of a month at the time you specified.
  • You can re-edit and re-use previously sent messages whenever you wish to do so because your message will save in your delivery reports for another 90 days.
  • You can create the group in the panel how we are using in the phone like the same we can create the group in user panel.
  • There is no any software to download to crush your computer.

Major Features/Advantage of SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Services

Major Features/Advantages:

  • User Friendly
  • No Need of Software
  • Custom message originator
  • SMS Contacts details
  • Upload file facility
  • Message Scheduling
  • Sub-domain Creation
  • Support

User Friendly:

SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Panel is very easy to use and we can send sms to our customer within a second’s. Easy to learn about the panel and it will be user friendly. Upto 50000 Numbers we can upload in a single campaign.

No Need of Software:

For SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Services no need to download or install the software’s. It can work on any browser which means it’s totally wed based there is no software to crush your computer. All you need is web browser and internet access.

Custom Message Originator:

We can send sms by using our own required sender id. It should be a 6 alphabetic character related to your company/business. By using this feature, we can give the glue to the customer from where they are getting the messages.

SMS Contacts Details:

We can save the contacts in the panel itself then we can make the group also. It will give the easy access to send sms. We can send sms to number of groups within a second.

Upload File Facility:

In SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Panel we can upload the excel sheet, csv sheet, text file, xls sheet. We can upload the file which we have saved in our computer by using these features and we can send sms easily.

Message Scheduling:

Scheduled sms will get deliver at predetermined times. When you will not get the computer that time you have to send campaign means you can prefer for scheduling feature. By using this option you can make remainder to meetings or any important appointment.

Sub-domain Creation:

If you are the reseller, you want the SILVERY INFOTECH Bulk SMS Platform in your company name; we will help you to create the sub-domain. So your Bulk SMS Website will reflect with your company name.

Support: If you are required any assistance means our support team will help you. We do understand the customer problem and requirement over phone or mail and we do help to fix the issue. New customers are welcome to call us we will tell the steps to send the sms.

The below list of industries majorly using Bulk SMS Service.

  • Advertising & Event Management
  • Airlines
  • Automobiles
  • Banking
  • Consumer Durables
  • Courier & Logistics
  • Ecommerce & Portals
  • Education
  • FMCG
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Insurance
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Placements & Consultants
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Stock Brokering
  • Tours & Travles
  • Web, CRM & ERP


  • SMS API Integration with attendance systems
  • Fee reminder alerts
  • School closure notification
  • Examination date notification
  • Emergency announcement


  • Promotion for festive offer or discount
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Order confirmation alerts
  • Shopping Cart/ Shipment confirmation
  • Greetings on Occasions

Real Estate:

  • Promotional Campaign
  • Announce new project launches
  • Payment Reminder
  • Important updates

Banks/ Financial Services:

  • Transaction alerts
  • Due Payment Notification
  • OTP (one time password)
  • Received payment confirmation
  • Loan offers

Stock Market:

  • Market News update
  • Trade Confirmation Notification
  • End of Day Position Notification


  • Promotional sales/offers
  • Invitation for Test Drive
  • Service Reminder
  • Customer Feedback Survey


  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Tour Plan confirmation
  • Reservation confirmation
  • Discount Notification


  • Event Update
  • Invitation alerts
  • Membership Renewal alerts


  • Ticket booking confirmation
  • Flight delays
  • PNR status
  • Season offers notification
  • Flight Cancellation notification
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